"Working with Lisa has been a blast! She is a talented songwriter, a wonderful singer, and a tireless worker. Lisa proves again and again just how dedicated she really is to the business and creative process of writing, recording, and promoting good songs. I have no doubt that Lisa will see herself with a top hit. It's just a matter of time.”
Stephen Joseph Antonelli, Producer, www.allaboutthesong.com

“Lisa is a professional, dedicated, and hard-working songwriter. She understands and follows the trends of the industry and is constantly listening and learning new ways to write and record more effective and marketable songs. Her love of music and creativity are evidenced in her music, which spans different genres and styles. She writes from her heart and is truly passionate about developing good, smart, and unique songs that anyone can relate to. Not only is Lisa a first-rate songwriter and a talented, well developed singer, but she is great to work with and works well in a collaborative and creative environment. Lisa’s music deserves to be heard!”
Kevin Hill, Producer, www.studiounknown.com

“Working with Lisa Horan was an amazing experience.   Her inspiring lyrics and passionate vocals have brought out some of the best in me both musically and spiritually.  And as a person, Lisa is the nicest, most hard-working person I know!  She’s been blessed with an incredible voice, and we’ve been blessed with the opportunity to hear it!”
Karl Kuhn, Songwriter, www.karlkuhnmusic.com

“I truly enjoy working in the creative arena with Lisa Horan. Her strong skills as a gifted vocalist, songwriter, and creative communicator in addition to her love for God and people make her a valuable asset. Lisa knows how to step out in front to lead as well as how to collaborate and contribute in a humble, ‘behind the scenes’ manner.  No matter what role she is serving in, she does it all with a high degree of excellence and an attitude of joy, which ultimately inspires everyone she works with.”
Dave Hawley, Songwriter/Creative Arts Pastor www.senecacreek.org

“Singer-songwriter Lisa Horan can sing almost anything and make it rock, exhibiting a voice of remarkable soul and flexibility.”
Brian Lee, Vocal Coach, www.vocalability.com