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You Got It Now
©2008 Lisa Horan

Give me more empty words
If you don't mind
Make a few more promises
That you'll have to disguise

Watch the summer leaves
Turn red in the fall
And don't forget
To make sure you don't call

Don't bother to try
Don't turn back to see me cry
Just keep walking your own way
And be sure to let it all slip away
Yeah, you got it now

Don't give it much thought
Just do what feels good
It's not about me, after all, cause
The world revolves around you

Fill your head with lies
And give yourself a break
Keep saying it was all pretend
That there is nothing at stake


Sorry my expectations
Were too high
That I misunderstood
And on you I relied

But you got it now
You've got it all figured out
Your fear sabotaged your faith
And left destruction in its place

Yeah, you got it now
You got it now
You got it now


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