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You Deliver Me
©2008 Lisa Horan

I've seen some troubles
I've seen some pain
I've sunk down to the bottom
To depths I can't explain

I've fought through the floods
And I've cried out to you
Saying Lord, please help me
There's nothing more I can do

I turn to you
I turn to you, you, you

And you deliver me
You deliver me
No matter how far I've fallen
You reach down and rescue me

You deliver me
You deliver me
Out of your goodness and love
You make a way and you deliver me

I've been laughed at
I've been maligned
I've felt like an outcast
Been mocked and scrutinized

I've been brokenhearted
And searched for someone to care
I've felt such disappointment
Almost too much to bear

But I turn to you
I turn to you, you, you


At my weakest moments
You and only you are there
You save me from oppression
From every trap and snare

Now I know it doesn't matter
When I get mistreated
I can't separated from you
I can't be defeated


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