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Written on My Heart
©2009 Lisa Horan
Just when I'd lost all hope
There would ever be someone
Who'd understand the thoughts I'd hid
Inside away from everyone
Straight out of heaven
An angel soared down to my side
Gently took my hand
Became the one in whom I could confide
Now I know there are still some
Who choose to love with their souls
Thanks for taking this broken girl
And making her whole
Now you are written on my heart
You're such a profound part
Of who I am
You are my saving grace
Now nothing could erase
What you mean to me
You are written on my heart
Forever written on my heart

I was barely holding on
When you came into my life
Unwillingly I reached out
Uncertain of what I would find
I was ready to turn back
When you threw your arms around me
You gave me all of yourself
Without the need to receive
I see it all now
So differently
All because of your love
That rescued me

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