Pop AC CCM Unplugged Instrumental
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So Over You
©2010 Lisa Horan

You can stop trying to make me
Notice you with her there
Take a look at this face
Does it look like it cares

If you want to play games
Save 'em for the playground
You tested your luck today
It finally ran out

Cause I'm so over you
What part of care less don't you get now?
I'm so over you
You're so vain, you don't get that, I bet now
I'm going take you by the hand
Lead you out the door
And wave as you drive away
Cause I'm so over you
Over you

You've got one heavy duty ego
that is way off the charts
That made you think you could keep
beating down my heart

Guess you donít know me that well
So hereís a piece of news
You are SOL this time
Sorry you lose


Like a bully who finally faces someone his size
You're in for a really big surprise
You're living in a delusion
So let me clear up the confusion
There's only one place you're gonna see my face
In the rearview mirror as you drive a - way


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