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Saving Grace
©2008 Lisa Horan

How many times
Can I fall?
How many times can I
Beat my head against the same wall?

How many times
Can I make the same mistakes
Before I learn
Not to insist on my own way

I'm so angry with myself
And I have to wonder why
You're always there to rescue me
Your arms are always open wide

Your love never fails
As much as I falter
Your compassion never fades
It's like a steady stream of living water

Your mercy never dwindles
As many times as I've caused you shame
Your love for me
Is my only saving grace

I've tried and failed
Again and again
To walk away from my
My stubborn selfishness

I know better
That's what always gets to me
Why can't I find a way
To be who I know I could be



I could fight with myself
From here to eternity
But I'm aware of the spirit
Of forgiveness washing over me

I am the clay in your hands
And I know you are molding me
When I resist your ways
I thank you for the grace that covers me


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