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Live My Life for You
©2007 Lisa Horan

My joy
Your pain
I lived
You were slain

For my sins
You bore it all
To save my soul
You took the fall

What deed could I do
What words could I speak
To equal the sacrifice
That you made for me

So I will
Live my life for you
Abandon my will, my wants
To you

Yes I will live my life for you
Hope that your reflection
Will shine through

What I have to give you
Is the gift you've given me
So I will live my life for you

My triumph
Your defeat
You enslaved yourself
To set me free

My path to peace
Your road to death
My birth
Your last breath

No works that I could do
No praises I could sing
No offering enough
To match what you've done for me


Matchless is your love for me
Matchless is your love
It's all because of you
That I am free


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