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Life Without You
©2010 Lisa Horan

We had it all
But it got swept away
I don't know what went wrong
I ask myself that every day

It's like a hurricane tore through your heart
And drowned out the love
Forever tearing us apart
Leaving only the fatal grudge

There was a time
I thought your love was real
It was in your eyes
Now all that they reveal

Is a deep and burning anger
That oozes from your skin
It's like you see me as a cancer
When I was once your closest friend

I can't imagine
My life without you
But I can't handle
What you put me through
I would hold on for forever
If there was something to hold on to
I can't imagine
But I've got to choose
A life without you

It's still so hard
To think of moving on
But it's in the cards
We're just too far gone

And I know you feel the same way too
Though you won't let go
I'm nothing more than a habit for you
This is all you know


You, you
You, you


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