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I Want to Hate You
©2009 Lisa Horan

Time, time, time
Hasn't been kind to us
We've been through
Way too much fight and fuss

The war of words
Has driven us apart
We walk away
Clutching damaged hearts

Every time I tell myself
I can't take anymore
Something leads me back
To a love I can't ignore

I want to hate you
I want to make myself not care
I want to hate you
It just doesn't seem fair

That I just can't stop
Oh, I always fall
Right back into you
In spite of it all

The world stands still
When it's just you and me
But the shadows that chase you
Take control of what you see

They tug and tear
Drive a wedge in between
Drag you with them
I watch as you look back at me

But every time I tell myself
I can't take it anymore
Something always leads me back
To a feeling I can't ignore


I'd turn it off
If I could
What I feel
For you

I'd walk away
But my heart
Won't ever
Let me go too far


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