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I Need You
©2008 Lisa Horan

Can't understand what's
Wrong with me, I
I have tried to
Compromise with myself

But I keep coming back
I keep coming back
To you

Oh, I don't think
You even notice
If you would
It would be so good

Cause I need you
Oh how I need you
Why won't you see
How much you need me
Oh, you need me

I have searched, oh
For so long, yeah
For that someone
And you are that one

And I know that it's true
I know that it's you
It's you

Oh, I am praying
For the day
That you'll see
That this was meant to be


I know that you know
That we're so good together
I know that you know
It couldn't get any better

Take a look in your heart
And I know you will find
We've been brought
Together by design


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