Pop AC CCM Unplugged Instrumental
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I Believe It
©2003 Lisa Horan

Is anybody here?
Can anybody hear me calling?
Feel like I'm talking to myself

Does anybody have a clue
Just what I am going through?
Feel like I'm in this by myself

But you said that you would never change
You said that you would never forsake me
You said that you would always be there for me

You said all that I had to do
Was put all of my trust in you
And that's it . . . I believe it

So I will stop my griping
For I know I don't have a right
Cause I am breathing, I am walking, I am living today

And if this day proves
To be my last one on this earth
I will praise your name all the way to heaven


In this world of problems
That never seem to cease
There is nothing I can hold on to
No, I can find no peace

But when I turn to you my Lord
I'm reminded of
The only thing I really need
Is your unfailing love


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