Pop AC CCM Unplugged Instrumental
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God's Too Great
©2008 Lisa Horan

He created the earth
The mountains, the sea
Sifted sand into the desert
Blows breath into each breeze

He makes the sun
To rise each new day
He controls the universe
He lights the way

God's too great
For our eyes to see
His power's too mighty
For our minds to conceive
His love is too awesome
For our hearts to hold
Our God's so great
He is too great

He reigns over the nations
The world moves at his command
Creation's but a speck
In his almighty hands

The same strong hands
To which all things yield
Hold each of us tenderly
Comfort and shield


There is no place
That His presence can't stretch to
From the oceans to the heavens
And into me and you

What need is too big
What strength can stop
The matchlessness
Of our great God


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