Pop AC CCM Unplugged Instrumental
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©2008 Lisa Horan

Look around
You'll see Him everywhere
In the face
Of the common man

In the heart
Of the little child
In the works
Of the most brilliant minds

Take a listen
You'll hear Him everywhere
In the songs
That fill the air

In the rain
As it falls from the sky
In the silence
Of a starry night

He's everywhere, everywhere
The love of God is everywhere

Everywhere, everywhere
The love of God is everywhere
Everywhere you are, He's there

Look around
He is in everything
In the waves
As they crash in the sea

In new life
As it springs from the ground
In the souls
That were lost and now found


There is no place
That's too hard to reach for Him
In the dark, in the light
He is in everything

No matter where you're going
No matter where you've been
His love is waiting for you
Ready to take you in


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