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C'mon Love
©2009 Lisa Horan

Am I living inside a movie script
Running after make believe reality
Is it beyond all reason that
I could be with someone who truly loves me

Don't know the answer
A little scared to find out
But willing to take a risk
I'll let my hope override my doubt

C'mon love of my life
Come out of hiding
I've been searching everywhere for you
The one heart I can confide in

C'mon love of my life
Just reach out and grab my hand
I'll jump if you will
But hurry before we run out of sand
C'mon, c'mon, c'mon

Am I just another crazy fool
Who has fallen victim to all the hype
Are true love and soul mates and kindred spirits
Nothing more than writers' concocted lines

I really hope I haven't
Wasted all these years
Believing another human being
Was designed just for me


Now, I done looked
Everywhere I know to
Seen traces of what
I was sure had to be you

But just like a crystal
When it falls to the floor
My dream gets shattered
And I'm back where I was before


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