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Child of God
©2008 Lisa Horan

I have the victory
A divine destiny
Not ‘cause of who I am
But because of who I belong to

I have authority
I have been … redeemed
Not ‘cause of my good works
But because of who's working for me

I've got royal blood
On the inside of me
Because I'm a descendant
Of the king of kings

I am a child of
Almighty God
I have the power to
Overcome the odds
I am a child of
The highest of the high
I am, I am a child
Of God

I have been well approved
And I will not be moved
Not ‘cause of my own will
But because of His perfect promise

I was born to be free
And live abundantly
Not ‘cause of earthly kin
But because of my Heavenly Father



Courage and strength
Blessing and favor
I am an heir
Of the living savior


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