People are complex: silly and serious; hopeful and desperate; content and confused; in love and repulsed. Lisa Horan’s music is a reflection of the complexities and ironies within us all. “I think we all can be pretty inconsistent in our own thinking from time to time, but, for the most part, we try to mask our inner contradictions as best as we can,” says Lisa. “My songs are a product of my desire to explore and voice some of these shifting emotions, in addition to things I believe to be true, and personal and witnessed experiences.”

Lisa’s songs cover several genres: Pop, AC, and CCM.  Some highlight ache-of-the-soul kind of turmoil.  Others infuse hope and faith.  Some tell stories of courage and destiny. Others tackle confusion, insecurity, and personal revelations. And some are tongue-in-cheek, gritty, and downright sarcastic.

Lisa's love of storytelling began at an early age. She gravitated towards music instinctively, so as a young girl, she began studying music and dance and always found excuses to write. Whether it was through a story, a song, or a show, her ability to release creativity through words, music, and movement came naturally. It’s no wonder that she pursued her passion in college, initially receiving a dance scholarship to Marymount Manhattan College in New York City and continuing her music and dance studies while earning a degree in broadcast journalism from The American University in Washington, DC. Soon after graduating, in addition to continuing to be involved in music, she began pursuing a career as a writer and has since developed a niche in TV, Film, Video, and Music. Her industry articles have appeared in multiple publications (including Mix magazine, Videography, Government Video, Digital TV, Architecture Week, iCOM, AvidProNet, and more). (For more information, visit

Music and songwriting have always remained at the forefront of her life, however. Through her company, PopMark Media, a boutique creative services company that offers writing, marketing, video production, and consultation on a variety of creative projects, she offers music composition services for clients. She’s written music for films, videos, and organizations. In addition to being honored with awards of excellence from such competitions as The Great American Song Contest, the Mid-Atlantic Songwriting Competition, Contemporary Christian Music Network International, Song of the Year, and Cooch Music, she has several licensing deals with top LA-based companies, including Crucial Music, which licenses music to major films, TV shows, and advertising campaigns.

“It’s always my hope that my music will resonate with listeners on one level or another and they ultimately connect with the emotion a particular song is meant to inspire – whether it’s a sense of happiness, contemplation, reassurance, or empowerment.” Whatever the emotion or experience, each of Lisa’s songs is written from one perspective: a place of passion.

Affiliations: BMI, Broadjam, CCLI, NSAI, SAW, TAXI